UX Made Easy Mini Course by Piccia Neri

UX Made Easy Mini Course

Small, but perfectly formed: this mini UX course will give you a solid UX framework to see the world, and your projects, through an entirely new lens. Create your own UX workflow without a team, and on a budget. A transformational course! 

Want to try before you buy? Almost half of the course is available for free. Enjoy! 

What's included?

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Lesson 01-1: An introduction to the concept of UX
5 mins
Lesson 01-1 PDF
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Lesson 01-2: What is UX?
3 mins
Lesson 01-2 PDF
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Lesson 01-3: UX in real life
8 mins
Lesson 01-3 PDF
5.4 MB
Lesson 01-4: UX on the web
11 mins
Lesson 01-4 PDF
3.02 MB
Lesson 01-5: Deeper into good UX
5 mins
Lesson 01-5 PDF
6.58 MB
Lesson 02-1: UX & Design Thinking
5 mins
Lesson 02-1 PDF
8.13 MB
Lesson 02-2: The phases of the process
3 mins
Lesson 02-2 PDF
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Lesson 02-3: Phase 1: Research
9 mins
Lesson 02-3 PDF
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Lesson 02-4: Phase 2: Design
23 mins
Lesson 02-4 PDF
16.8 MB
Lesson 02-5: Phase 3: Validation
28 mins
Lesson 02-5 PDF
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Download: List of links & useful UX resources
182 KB
The UX Blueprint
71.1 KB
Bonus: User persona interview template with explanation
19 mins
User persona interview template

What students think

"I've heard Piccia teach UX principles on stage and in webinars, and each time my mind is blown.
Good UX is absolutely vital for everyone to understand, and it's a definable process that anyone can follow - it's NOT just for experts.
Piccia's brilliant UX For Everyone course takes you step-by step through the entire process of designing websites with the user experience in mind, bringing better results, happier customers, happier clients, and an additional service you can cha